Featured Products
  1. Additional Mul-t-lock key
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $18.28
  2. Mul-t-lock MT5+ Mortise Cylinder
    Special Price $135.00 Regular Price $146.00
  3. Mul-t-lock MT5+ TR 100 "Hockey Puck" padlock
    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $166.72
  4. Mul-t-lock MT5+ Lever Grade 2 Lockset
    Special Price $240.00 Regular Price $274.00
  5. Mul-t-lock MT5+ Knob Grade 2 Lockset
    Special Price $164.95 Regular Price $175.00
  6. Traka21 key management system
    Special Price $1,950.00 Regular Price $2,699.00
  7. Mul-t-lock ENTR Kit for Hercular Deadbolt
    Special Price $289.95 Regular Price $299.00

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With deadbolts, utility locks, multi-point padlocks and more, Superiorlocks.com makes a lock change or upgrade easy. It also offers high security locks to those who’ll benefit from cylinders, mortise locks and jimmy-proof locks. There’s no reason or excuse to expose your building or valuables to criminal threats when you work with us. Thanks for visiting our website! Be sure to learn more about Superiorlocks.com, a trusted Mul-T-Lock dealer, below.